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Adult braces in Palo Alto are becoming far more common, with a growing number of people wanting to straighten their teeth.  After all, you will naturally want to look your best when you are on the job or spending time with friends and family. Braces as an adult can correct issues with tooth alignment and spacing.  While orthodontic treatment can improve your appearance, adult braces in Palo Alto can also reduce the risk of long-term wear on your teeth and in some cases even help you eat and speak more effectively.  When your teeth are correctly aligned, you will also be at a much lower risk for problems such as gum disease and TMJ disorders.

Adult patients who are investing in their teeth say that their new smile was one of the best investments they ever made. Beautiful smiles boost confidence and a properly functioning bite will improve oral health in adults with braces.

Why Should I Consider Getting Treatment for Adult Braces Near Me?

You might ask yourself a simple question… should I even look into adult braces near me? The answer is a simple yes. Braces can improve both your appearance and your overall  health. Braces as an adult can correct orthodontic issues that have lingered for years. And, treatments are highly effective at any age.

You might have noticed that your teeth have shifted over the years. This movement can cause misalignment, which can then cause malocclusion, meaning that your teeth no longer come together properly. The crowding you are experiencing is a natural and normal phenomenon since our teeth continue to move as the forces in our jaw muscles and bones change over time. If you do not intervene, this crowding is likely to worsen over time and has the potential to cause other dental problems. You can consider adult braces in Palo Alto for any untreated orthodontic issue. It is also common to consider adult braces near me for issues that have recently developed. When you consider looking for adult braces near me, you can correct and prevent the potential complications of these issues. Am I too old to  get braces as an adult? No, it’s never too late! Many parents and even grandparents are opting for orthodontic treatment and almost a quarter of all orthodontic patients are adults with braces. As long as your teeth are healthy, they can be moved at any age. Some adults with braces may have preexisting gum disease or decay that will need to be treated before starting orthodontic treatment, and your orthodontist may recommend interdisciplinary care with other specialists to provide the best long-term results. We will work with you to find the best solution for straightening your smile.  Whether you do it for your looks, your health, or both, finding a reliable orthodontist for adult braces near me is one of the most important things you can do to protect your smile.  Patients with possible sleep apnea may be treated in conjunction with sleep medicine specialty and oral surgery to properly identify and correct any skeletal problems that may be contributing to their sleep apnea diagnosis.

There are Several Options for Braces as an Adult

More adults than ever before are getting orthodontic treatment with braces as an adult to gain the smile they have always wanted. Whether you are looking for adult braces in Palo Alto, adult braces in Mountain View, or adult braces in Menlo Park, many people go with this option for braces as an adult. Here are the different treatment options in addition to metal braces as an adult:


  • Ceramic braces are essentially identical to metal braces, but the brackets are made from ceramic so they blend in with your natural teeth. If you’re concerned about your appearance when wearing braces as an adult, ceramic could be right for you. Adults with braces that are ceramic are less visible, but they can be more susceptible to breaking compared to traditional metal braces, so patients need to be extra careful during treatment to avoid excessive breakage.
  • Adults with braces may want to consider lingual braces. These are placed on the back sides of teeth so they’re almost invisible in the smile. Lingual braces must be planned and maintained by an experienced orthodontist, but the aesthetic advantage is greatly appreciated by many patients.
  • Clear aligners (such as Invisalign) are a growing trend in orthodontics. They are transparent, smooth, plastic aligners that fit over the teeth. Through a series of aligners, the teeth are gently guided to their new locations over time. They are removable, making it easy to eat, brush and floss. Additionally, the appointments for clear aligner treatment are less frequent which often works well for adults with busy schedules. These are a great alternative to braces as an adult.
Can You Enjoy the Foods You Love as an Adult with Braces?

As an adult with braces you can expect some adjustments to your lifestyle in your oral hygiene routine and dietary choices.  We will provide you with all of the instructions and tools that you will need to thoroughly clean around your braces. And, as an adult with braces, you’ll also need to avoid some types of food.  A list of these modifications to your eating habits will be reviewed with you at the time that you start your treatment. As an adult with braces the goal is to avoid breaking brackets in order to keep your treatment moving forward to finish on time. Don’t worry, because it’s nothing major, and life as an adult with braces is only temporary.

It takes some time to adjust as an adult with braces, but in the end, the treatment is worth it. If you’re ready to learn more about adult braces in Palo Alto, adult braces in Mountain View, or adult braces in Menlo Park and begin your free consultation, contact the team at Twin Smiles Orthodontics to book your consultation.

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The twin doctors Stoker at Twin Smiles Orthodontics are truly dedicated to achieving amazing lifelong smiles. They take the time to listen to your unique concerns and goals.

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Thanks to Dr. Amelia, my jaw surgery was exceptional. Skilled surgeons and a caring team ensured a smooth, successful procedure, transforming my smile and boosting self-esteem.

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Dr. Sydney made my braces journey a breeze! From the friendly staff to the expert orthodontists, I felt at ease throughout the entire process. Now, my smile is straight and confident!

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