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Around 80 percent of all adults have some form of alignment concern with their teeth. While we typically associate braces with younger patients, the reality is that people of all ages may require orthodontic treatment at some point. Invisalign in Palo Alto is an innovative treatment that can correct issues with the position and spacing of teeth in the mouth. Invisalign treatment is highly reliable and can give you the smile that you’re looking for and it’s used to treat patients of any age.

Twin Smiles Orthodontics is your local orthodontist, led by twin sisters Dr. Amelia Stoker and Dr. Sydney Stoker. They have a shared passion for orthodontic treatments and providing the most comprehensive care to patients. If you want to discuss the outcome you can achieve from Invisalign in Palo Alto, Invisalign in Menlo Park, or Invisalign in Mountain View it’s time to book your appointment.

Why Should You Consider Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment gradually straightens teeth using a series of clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, there are no Invisalign brackets or wires. There are also fewer visits to the office because adjustments can be made by switching to a new aligner at home.

Invisalign treatment involves wearing a clear aligner that surrounds your teeth, much like a mouthguard. This aligner is made from a clear nontoxic plastic material that you will wear 20-22 hours per day, taking them out when you are eating, brushing and flossing, or drinking anything except water.

You can consider Invisalign treatment if…

  • You want an aesthetic option to treat crooked teeth or to correct your bite.
  • You have had previous treatment with braces, but you didn’t wear your retainer, and your teeth have shifted as a result.
  • Your teeth are crowded, making it difficult to bite, chew, brush, or floss.
  • You have a malocclusion, so your teeth don’t come together properly.
  • You want aesthetic treatment for your child.

Finding the right Invisalign treatment plan is important if you want a beautiful smile with straight teeth. That’s why it’s critical that your treatment begins with a consultation at Twin Smiles Orthodontics.

Are There Invisalign Limitations?

Invisible aligners like Invisalign in Palo Alto have become incredibly popular, mostly due to their convenience and improved aesthetics. However, there are Invisalign limitations and similar limitations for other invisible aligners.

Invisalign treatment can be a good option for a lot of teen and adult patients requiring mild to moderate orthodontic corrections. This includes patients with teeth that are crooked or teeth that have noticeable spacing problems. Invisalign treatment can even help patients with minor bite issues; however, not all orthodontic issues can be treated with Invisalign.

Extremely complex orthodontic cases with severe tooth crowding and bite problems might not be easily corrected with Invisalign. This is why it’s important to visit an orthodontic specialist who can evaluate your treatment needs and make a recommendation for either braces or Invisalign while keeping the Invisalign limitations in mind.

There are also practical Invisalign limitations that patients need to keep in mind. Invisalign requires discipline and consistency to work. Skipping days or not wearing the aligners frequently enough can compromise the treatment. This is not an issue with braces because they are fixed to teeth and cannot be removed by the patient. Patients using Invisalign also need to modify their daily habits as invisible aligners must be removed during eating, snacking, and drinking. These Invisalign limitations are usually not too disruptive for most people. You can discuss the Invisalign limitations that might affect you when you book your appointment at Twin Smiles Orthodontics.

Invisalign Brackets? There Aren’t Any used for Invisible Aligners

Some patients may have heard the term Invisalign brackets and wondered how this relates to invisible aligners. Truth is, there are not any Invisalign brackets needed, because invisible aligners do not use a traditional system of brackets and wires.

In place of Invisalign brackets, the system uses clear plastic aligner shells that are worn over teeth, applying gentle pressure, and gradually straightening teeth. A lot of patients report that their friends and family do not even notice they are wearing clear aligners. In some cases, we will need to use Invisalign attachments with the invisible aligners which some people confuse as Invisalign brackets, but these are not brackets. They are tiny tooth-colored bumps that are bonded to the teeth to allow the aligners to grip the teeth to help the teeth move more effectively and predictably.

Begin Your Consultation to Find Out if Invisalign in Palo Alto is Right for You

You can begin a consultation for Invisalign in Palo Alto with the team at Twin Smiles Orthodontics. We will recommend the right treatment for your needs, following an in-depth examination and assessment. Invisalign in Palo Alto isn’t right for everyone, but it’s an excellent treatment option in many cases. If Invisalign isn’t perfect for you, there are low-profile and near-invisible options available with ceramic braces and lingual braces. If you are looking for Invisalign in Palo Alto, Invisalign in Menlo Park, or Invisalign in Mountain View, contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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The twin doctors Stoker at Twin Smiles Orthodontics are truly dedicated to achieving amazing lifelong smiles. They take the time to listen to your unique concerns and goals.

- Adam F.
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Thanks to Dr. Amelia, my jaw surgery was exceptional. Skilled surgeons and a caring team ensured a smooth, successful procedure, transforming my smile and boosting self-esteem.

- Avery S.
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Dr. Sydney made my braces journey a breeze! From the friendly staff to the expert orthodontists, I felt at ease throughout the entire process. Now, my smile is straight and confident!

- Jordan P.


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