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Orthognathic surgery, also known as jaw surgery, is recommended for some patients with severe bite issues due to discrepancies in size between the upper and lower jaws. In these cases, a combination of orthodontics and jaw surgery offers the best results, beyond what braces or aligners alone can provide.

Jaw surgery braces treatment is carefully planned together with a highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Orthodontics in combination with jaw surgery in Palo Alto can improve both functional and esthetic concerns.

Do I Need Jaw Surgery Near Me?

Patients looking for jaw surgery near me in Palo Alto will find that Twin Smiles Orthodontics has an experienced team of orthodontists who work closely with oral surgeons to coordinate care for optimal treatment outcomes.

Jaw surgery is typically performed to correct abnormalities in the teeth, jaws, and facial bones when they are causing difficulties in speaking, eating, breathing, or sleeping. Patients who have a severe discrepancy in the size or shape of their jaws often benefit from jaw surgery near me. The orthodontists at Twin Smiles Orthodontics will present both surgical and non-surgical treatment options and explain the pros and cons of each. Many skeletal discrepancies are treatable with braces jaw correction alone, so we highly recommend discussing all of your options during your complimentary consultation. The specific approach depends on your unique health and dental needs.

When you choose to go ahead with jaw surgery near me there are several benefits…

  • You can correct bite problems that are skeletal in nature.
  • You’ll be able to bite and chew more efficiently.
  • You can address your breathing or sleep apnea symptoms.
  • Your facial appearance will improve as your jaws are properly balanced.

You could be a candidate for jaw surgery near me whether your problems in your jaw are genetic in nature, result due to previous trauma, or developed as part of a health condition.

Choose talented, compassionate, and detail-focused orthodontists when you need jaw surgery near me.

What to Expect from Braces Jaw Correction with Jaw Surgery

If you’re anxious about braces jaw correction with jaw surgery, learning what to expect can help. Prior to providing any treatment, we will thoroughly evaluate your teeth and jaws to determine if braces jaw correction with jaw surgery in Palo Alto is right for you. After your consultation with the orthodontist, you will be referred to be seen by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for a surgical consultation. That visit will be an easy, non-binding opportunity for you to explore your options thoroughly. You will then return to the orthodontist to get braces or Invisalign started for 6-12 months prior to surgery. When your teeth are ready, you will have one more consultation with the surgeon to finalize the surgical plan. On the big day, you will have your operation at a hospital or surgical center. Jaw surgery plates and screws will be implanted to stabilize the jaws. In these cases, jaw surgery plates and screws are used to aid in orthodontic correction. Depending on the procedure, you will either go home on the same day or stay overnight in the hospital. You will start with a liquid diet and gradually progress through soft and increasingly harder foods. After surgery, the orthodontist will finish up the braces or Invisalign in around 6 more months of orthodontic treatment.

Braces jaw correction with jaw surgery in Palo Alto is a serious medical procedure, but it comes with a high rate of safety and satisfaction from patients and an exceedingly low-risk factor.

Signs and Symptoms That Indicate You Need Jaw Surgery Braces

At Twin Smiles Orthodontics, we see patients who have been referred by dentists or other medical specialists. We also accept appointments made by patients without a referral who have booked online or by phone. We provide complimentary consultations for jaw surgery braces, along with jaw surgery in Palo Alto, jaw surgery in Menlo Park, and jaw surgery in Mountain View.

Many signs could indicate it’s time to consider jaw surgery braces.

See us if you experience the following…

  • Difficulties when chewing, biting, or swallowing.
  • Noticeable asymmetry of the face.
  • An unusually large lower jaw causes a severe underbite.
  • A very small lower jaw that is contributing to sleep apnea.
  • Problems making certain sounds and pronouncing words.
  • Chronic pain at the temporomandibular joint.
  • A significantly pronounced open bite.
  • Breathing problems related to the position of your jaw.

Whether you’ve experienced symptoms long-term, or if they’ve recently developed, jaw surgery braces treatment could be right for you. Braces jaw correction alone sometimes isn’t enough to correct the underlying issue. Orthodontics combined with surgery can provide the best possible outcome while significantly enhancing your appearance, oral health, and quality of life.

What are Jaw Surgery Plates and Screws Used For?

Have you heard before that with jaw surgery you will have to have your jaws wired shut for a period of time following the surgery? There’s a common misconception that jaw surgery patients are wired shut post-surgery. This used to be the case; however, with advances in technology and jaw surgery plates and screws, patients are no longer wired shut. Following jaw surgery, you can speak and eat soft foods immediately. The jaw surgery plates and screws are used to hold the jaw bones into position after the surgery, helping to guide healing and ensure that everything sets correctly. Detailed treatment planning ensures that jaw surgery plates and screws have a predictable outcome. The specifics of your surgery will be covered in detail during the treatment planning.

Learn More and Book Your Consultation

For more information about jaw surgery in Palo Alto, jaw surgery in Mountain View, or jaw surgery in Menlo Park and to schedule a free consultation with our orthodontists, please contact Twin Smiles Orthodontics in Palo Alto.

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