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Orthodontics is about more than just esthetics. Of course, our orthodontists want your teeth to be straight and for you to have a beautiful smile! Additionally, our orthodontists also want to make sure you are breathing optimally in order to live your best life. Did you know that obstructive sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing is tied to mouth breathing, restless sleep, poor performance at school or work, behavioral problems and even ADHD? Or that mouth breathing can cause major changes in your child’s dental and facial development? Airway orthodontics not only straightens your teeth that are crooked or misaligned, but also treats underlying causes of obstructed breathing. When children, teenagers and adults can breathe properly and sleep soundly, it greatly improves their quality of life.

The position of the teeth and jaws can have a profound impact on the airway. If you suffer from breathing problems or sleep apnea Palo Alto, Palo Alto orthodontics (airway orthodontics) could be a solution in your case. If you’re looking for the most effective Palo Alto orthodontics (airway orthodontics), our team is ready to help.

Learn how Palo Alto orthodontics (airway orthodontics) can help to treat sleep apnea Palo Alto and book your consultation at Twin Smiles Orthodontics today. With our airway orthodontists, you can have confidence knowing that your treatment will be carefully planned, ensuring an excellent outcome from your treatment.

The Benefits of Airway Orthodontics for Sleep Apnea Palo Alto

Traditional orthodontics is designed to correct the position of the teeth and jaws, aligning the smile for improved aesthetics and function. Palo Alto orthodontics (airway orthodontics) can also address these goals, with the added advantage of targeting breathing problems like sleep apnea Palo Alto.

Consider the benefits of Palo Alto orthodontics (airway orthodontics) before you book your free consultation…

  • Treatment can improve respiratory health by opening the airway, relieving sleep apnea Palo Alto and other respiratory disorders.
  • You’ll enjoy better sleep quality with fewer interruptions in breathing. This can improve energy and help eliminate drowsiness during the day.
  • You’ll enjoy better overall health. Sleep apnea Palo Alto is a leading precursor to high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, weight gain, diabetes, and a range of other health problems. Treating sleep apnea Palo Alto can significantly reduce these risk factors.
  • The aesthetic improvements provided by custom orthodontics can improve your self-esteem. Treating sleep apnea Palo Alto also improves general mood.
  • Overall oral health will be improved by aligning the teeth and jaws, to support proper oral hygiene, tooth health, and gum health.

Getting treatment with sleep apnea orthodontics can be life changing. Talk to an airway orthodontist at Twin Smiles Orthodontics and start planning. Treatment recommendations require thorough diagnosis and treatment planning workup to determine the right treatment for your unique needs.

Sleep Apnea Orthodontics treated with palatal expanders.

Unlike traditional orthodontics, which centers mainly on straightening the teeth, sleep apnea orthodontics looks at the entire dental and facial system, including the airway. When there is harmony between the teeth, bite, jaw joints, tongue position and facial structure, the airway is generally unobstructed, which encourages nasal breathing. Nasal breathing is essential for good health in all ages and critical for proper craniofacial development, head posture and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) function in kids.

Specialized sleep apnea braces treatment will focus on opening the airway in addition to aligning the teeth for a more functional bite and enhanced facial appearance. Treatments with sleep apnea orthodontics are fully customized to the individual. Your treatment will be unique and designed to address your needs. Treatment recommendations vary depending on the age of the patient.

In young children, sleep apnea orthodontics often involves a palatal expander in addition to sleep apnea braces. The upper jaw consists of two pieces that meet in the middle at what’s known as the midline suture. Until puberty, the suture is not fused, and it responds well to pressure with a palatal expander. The palatal expander is glued to the upper molars and sits against the roof of the mouth. As you activate the appliance using a special key, it gently separates the two halves of the upper jaw and causes them to expand outwards. New bone forms in the middle, stabilizing the skeletal expansion. This widens the palate to open the airway, while also creating space for crowded permanent teeth to erupt into their proper positions. After the expansion phase we will align the teeth and bite using sleep apnea braces.

From the mid-to-late teen years into the early 20s, the midline suture is too developed to expand with a traditional palatal expander. However, our doctors can often still achieve skeletal expansion by using a mini-implant-supported expander followed by sleep apnea braces. Since it’s a bone-borne appliance instead of a tooth-supported one, it can exert enough force to safely widen the upper jaw.

In more mature adults, there are sleep apnea orthodontics options for palatal expansion that can achieve the same results, though they do often involve some form of surgical intervention along with sleep apnea braces. First, our doctors place a palatal expander, sometimes along with mini implants. Then, your oral surgeon surgically opens the midline suture. Once the suture separates, you’ll turn the expander to gradually widen the upper jaw and expand the nasal floor. In other cases of severe sleep apnea when patients have skeletal disharmony with small upper and/or lower jaws, orthognathic jaw surgery in combination with sleep apnea braces may be the best treatment option.

Not everyone will need sleep apnea braces. Some patients can get effective treatment for sleep apnea with oral appliances that are worn like mouthguards over the teeth. A mandibular advancement device is one example where the appliance is worn at night to move the lower jaw into position, ensuring that the airway remains open. Your airway orthodontist will explain the different devices that could be suitable in your case.

Talk to the Best Airway Orthodontist in Palo Alto

Talk to our friendly and highly knowledgeable airway orthodontists in Palo Alto. We’ll make you feel at ease from the moment you enter the office. Our thorough and informative consultations will ensure that you’re comfortable with the treatment plan. We’ll make sure that you get the best solution for your unique needs with a clear treatment outcome in mind.

Our airway orthodontists are available today. Book your consultation and get effective treatment for apnea and other respiratory issues with custom Palo Alto orthodontics (airway orthodontics).

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