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If you’re suffering from pain, locking, and/or stiffness in your jaw or frequent headaches, then you may have developed a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. A TMJ specialist in Palo Alto can provide effective relief in the form of mouth splints or braces for jaw pain. In cases of severe TMJ pain, surgical intervention is sometimes necessary.

TMJ disorder can greatly impact your quality of life. Learn about your treatment options at Twin Smiles Orthodontics in Palo Alto. Our orthodontists pride themselves on their attention to detail and a commitment to quality care. Our team at Twin Smiles Orthodontics is prepared to provide you with the most effective treatment based on your unique needs.

When Should You See a TMJ Specialist in Palo Alto?

A TMJ disorder is characterized by frequent pain that occurs because of oral and jaw defects, injuries, or repeated stress. The temporomandibular joints are unique in the body, and they require a specialist approach with a TMJ specialist in Palo Alto.

There are three main categories of TMJ disorders that can be treated with mouth splints, braces, or surgery with a TMJ specialist in Palo Alto…

  • Those caused by internal injuries like facial trauma or displacement.
  • Those caused by and related to stress in the muscles around the jaw.
  • Those caused by inflammation or degenerative arthritis.

The treatment approach will depend on the underlying cause of the disorder. Braces for jaw pain or aligners alone may be enough to achieve the necessary bite and jaw alignment to eliminate TMJ pain and dysfunction in some patients. For patients suffering from moderate to severe TMJ pain, dysfunction, and a general decline of the chewing system, therapy with mouth splints can be an important phase of treatment. This custom oral appliance will take pressure off of the TMJ, allowing the joints and muscles to heal and repair themselves. Once you’ve completed your mouth splints therapy, we will then create a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan for you to align the teeth, improve your bite, and ensure the jaw joints are in the optimal position.

You will know it is time to visit a TMJ specialist in Palo Alto whenever you have prolonged discomfort or pain, limited movement in your jaw, or locking and popping when you open your mouth to eat or speak. Frequent headaches and pain around the facial area are often key indicators that you need to see a TMJ specialist in Palo Alto.

Dental Braces for Jaw Pain

Depending on your case and the reasons for your TMJ dysfunction, braces or clear aligners may be effective in aligning the teeth and jaw and creating the ideal relationship between the teeth and jaw joints to eliminate TMD. When your teeth and jaws are out of alignment you will naturally compensate when speaking, biting, and chewing. This can create excessive stress on the temporomandibular joint. Some reasons your temporomandibular joint may be compensating would be if you have a crossbite, overbite, underbite, or open bite. All of these can be treated with braces for jaw pain. Braces for jaw pain will correct the issues with alignment, improving overall oral health, alleviating the pain, and enhancing the appearance of your smile all at the same time. In severe cases, braces for jaw pain may be used in conjunction with surgery to correct deficiencies in the size or position of the jaws.

Orthodontic Splint TMJ Treatment

In some cases, orthodontic Splint TMJ therapy could be needed before comprehensive orthodontic treatment to get the best results.

Following accurate diagnosis and thorough, individualized treatment planning, we will design a clear orthodontic splint TMJ for you. Orthodontic splint TMJ appliances look like a mouthguard or Invisalign aligner and cover all or some of the upper or lower teeth. You’ll likely wear this stabilization orthodontic splint TMJ full-time. The custom oral appliance will take pressure off of the TMJ, allowing the joints and muscles to heal and repair themselves. Once you’ve completed your splint therapy, we will then develop a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan for you to align the teeth, improve your bite, and ensure the jaw joints are in the optimal position.

You can talk to our orthodontists to learn if orthodontic splint TMJ treatment is right for you.

Should You Buy an Over-the-Counter Jaw Brace for TMJ?

Home remedies for TMJ pain such as a jaw brace for TMJ, applying hot or cold packs to the jaw, eating soft foods, facial massage, stress reduction techniques, and taking over-the-counter pain relievers are often the first line of defense.

You might have found an available jaw brace for TMJ, either at a local pharmacy or drug store or online. A jaw brace for TMJ is designed to alleviate pain by applying ice packs to the outside of the cheeks but doesn’t treat the underlying issue. A Jaw brace for TMJ can provide relief on demand, but the symptoms can continue and even worsen over time.

Before you purchase an over-the-counter jaw brace for TMJ, speak to our team. We will provide a complimentary consultation to identify the cause of your pain and provide an appropriate treatment plan.

Book Your Consultation to Learn About Mouth Splints and Braces for TMJ

You don’t have to suffer through the symptoms of TMJ disorder. Relief and corrective treatment are available with your orthodontist in Palo Alto. Book your appointment at Twin Smiles Orthodontics and learn more about the advantages of mouth splints, braces, and surgery for TMJ disorder. With an in-depth consultation and treatment planning, you’ll get the best solution for your case with a clear treatment plan and the best possible long-term outcome.

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